Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Introducing our first artist....MAQman!!!!

Hoora!! We are very nearly there folks! It has certainly been testing since we got back from our trip to Miami. For my part a lot of unforeseeable delays and me as a person likes to get things done and moving at a swift pace so this has been a good test of my patience and well to be honest my bloody sanity! The business is very nearly ready to be unleashed in the world of music. I am crazily trying to get all loose ends tied up, Artwork, press releases and sorting out the promo lists all the while trying to keep up with the endless amount of network sites we have between myself and Mike. I seem to be in a constant "chase the pigeon" scenario trying to get contracts signed and all the while trying to get to grips with the digital side of running a label. Then there's the delay on the website and logo's..oooh and t-shirts! On top trying to get Mikes gigs sorted and Mike is currently getting ready for DEMF this week! This is just a snippet of life right now! I have to say I wouldn't change it for the world, its damn hard work but extremely gratifying! We not stopping for no-one!! And proof will be in the pudding as they say! Strictly Beatdown is back baby! Look out for us in June 2010 (of course!) MAQman, swiss based producer is coming at cha! We are very proud and feel very honored to have his music on the label. The re launch starts on a very positive vibe indeed and we hope you feel it with us and enjoy his music as much as we do and can make your summer a little more funky for ya! Thank you to everyone who has given us support so far, it truly means the world and this is the start of a new beginning for Strictly Beatdown and of course Mike Agent X Clark is always in the house!!! If you are interested as an artist in us representing you or you would like to book "The Ambassador" please contact Strictlybeatdown@gmail.com! Look out UK....Mike on his way.........................................................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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