Thursday, 8 April 2010

WMC Miami 2010

Well things have been crazio here at Strictly Beatdown HQ! Myself and Mike have just come back from Miami. We both thought the conference was spookily quiet this year. But perhaps we were in our own little bubble doing couple things and the conference just breezed past us! But what we did do and the gigs we attended were full of fun and truly beautiful people. A real pleasure to hang out with. For me, I finally got to meet Mikes peeps from Detroit, lovely people I have to say, instantly made me feel welcome and clicked straight away with most! Also Mikes friends from San Fran..all cool "cats" as they say across the pond! Of course we were there not just to enjoy the nightlife but to network too. We had some teething problems before we left, on the label front and also our supposedly brand spanking new website didnt even materialize due to a totally incompetent designer who couldn't even run a piss up in a brewery even if he tried. We had no business cards for the conference as promised by the same guy aswell and it was too late to get any done last minute. Plus Mikes studio equipment had a mind of its own and both having tech difficulties could not get the e mail sampler out in time! But hell! Its not for a want of trying!! This is just a snippet of what happened before we left! But with all the odds chucked against us, we worked together well and supported each other where need be! A true team! Soooo....Miami finally came and all we were armed with was our sunglasses, a few last minute burnt Cds for the sampler and luckily some t shirts to give away! But we did it! We got the sampler into the right hands..of course not cool to name drop!! hee hee!! But we are happy with whos got them for sure. We did what was needed and talked our asses off about the label and the artists we have signed. Its certainly a good start and with Mikes reputation we were half way there anyway! Now we are back to Skype again, me in the UK and Mike back in Motown. Work is coming through thick and fast and I am finally ready to send out our tracks on our DJ Promo list. And with MAQman being our first featured artist on the label and ready to release end of the month we are moving and grooving! Mike is busy with productions for the label and has untold amount of remixes to do plus gigs are coming in thick and fast!! Mike will be in UK for July on tour!! Look out for dates in your area or contact and for label enquires WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK: RON DEE AND SANNA, JOHN MORALES, VICTOR SIMONELLI, DIAMOND DANCER, GREY, KATIE AND PATRICK........many more who came across our paths..thank you for the lifts you know who you are!!! Until next year!!!! Love and blessings! x


  1. Oh and the lovely JACKIE GREEN!! For all her help with my flight!! You made it possible!!! love to you!!!!!

  2. It was great to meet Mike... Hope to hang with y'all sometime soon!!!!

    Simeon Belle

  3. Next time or this time if its still an issue, Contact Webmaster and "Graphix Guy" extraordinaire, Neveric Noel, hes got a great rep and always professional prompt and efficient.
    Contact him : pretty sure Mike remembers him,..... Im impatiently awaiting the great music ahead.